Changes or Returns (Brazil only)


In case the purchased product does not fit because of size inadequacy, Jertouie ACCEPTS the exchange to be done for regularization.

Jertouie gives the right to exchange for inadequate size only for purchases in which the customer confirmed the measures previously {before production} through Whatsapp. The authorization of production will be by mutual agreement, and the customer is aware that Jertouie will not be able to make exchanges, for inadequacy of size, for purchases that had no confirmation of measures.

The costs of sending an exchange will be borne by the customer since Jertouie will contact the customer in advance to confirm sizes and measurements in order to avoid production with the wrong size. There is no legal obligation for the supplier to be responsible for the cost of shipping for exchanges.

If Jertouie sends a product with inadequate size (by Jertouie's mistake), the customer can inform us by email, or whatsapp, so that Jertouie can pay for the exchange, and send to the customer a postage authorization in a post office to send the product in question.


Even though it is Lingerie and Tailoring, we make exchanges under the conditions below:

To make the exchange, please contact us via:
+ e-mail:
+ WhatsApp
+ By phone: (11)2639-9899

The exchange policy does not apply to promotional items or out of stock items, unless the purchased product is defective. In case of defect, the product can be exchanged for another part of equivalent value.

The request for exchange of any product due to size inadequacy can only be made within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of delivery (it is noted that the customer needs to confirm the measures previously {before production} through whatsapp.

After contacting us and deciding on the best size, a new exchange request is sent internally for production/construction, and while it is being reproduced, we wait for the return of the part to be exchanged, which should be sent by post. When the product returns to Jertouie, we send the new reproduced product with the corrections and measurements requested.
The exchange can also be made at the physical store (please contact us previously). Since these are made-to-measure pieces, most of them are not available in the store (the amount of variations in fabric, lace, bust size, hips, waist, color, with or without lining; prevents us from having this availability physically).
Jertouie considers panty exchanges highly unhygienic and considers the health of all its customers to be paramount.

In cases of exchange, shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer, provided it was not a production error on Jertouie's part.

There is no legal obligation of exchange by the supplier in relation to inadequate sizes, but Jertouie does exchange.  There is no legal obligation for the supplier to pay the shipping costs for an exchange.  This legal obligation of the supplier to pay the shipping costs only occurs in cases of returns.

When buying online, Jertouie guides its customers and requests the measurements of bust, thorax, waist and hips, and obeys these measures for confection, so that there is no error to the size that is quite variable. In case the customer wishes to exchange for a larger or smaller model, the price difference will be settled by collection or bank deposit.

The customer has 7 (seven) calendar days to send the postage of the item to be exchanged, after the exchange request (15 calendar days to communicate the exchange plus 7 calendar days for the piece to be posted back to Jertouie).
On the other hand, Jertouie follows the rules of the CDC and gives 90 (ninety) days from the delivery of the product, as stipulated by law, for exchanges of products with defect or manufacturing defect. According to article 26 of the CDC, when the defect is apparent, the deadline for complaint is 30 days for non-durable products and 90 days for durable ones, counting from the date of purchase.

For exchanges, the items to be sent must not be washed or show any signs of use; they must not have odors or perfumes and must not show any stains; they must not have alterations made by the customer such as adjustments or pence; they must not have any damage or malfunctions, or even body odors.

Jertouie disclaims any obligation to honor exchange requests for any product sent without communication, after the deadline, or with the absence of items and accessories that accompany the original product.

For an exchange, it must be in its original packaging (the packaging of the wooden box with the logo is important for protection against impacts during transport and must be sent together with the product to be exchanged). The packaging must not be damaged and, in order to protect it for mailing, we suggest placing it inside another cardboard box or packed in brown paper, plastic wrapping, or equivalent.

To make the exchange, please contact us via:
+ e-mail:
+ WhatsApp
+ Phone: (11)2639-9899



To make a return, please contact us to let us know:

+ e-mail:
+ WhatsApp
+ By phone: (11)2639-9899

The customer has up to 7 (seven) calendar days to repent or give up the purchase as from the date of receipt of the product (as established in Article 49 of the Consumer Defense Code).

The custom made product is made exclusively for the customer/buyer, with the measures specified at the time of purchase, evolving to the cutting process, physical suitability and modeling, production time, quality control (which is checked twice and by two people), all this so that no errors occur in production.
Even so, Jertouie obeys the current legislation and accepts returns due to customer/buyer dissatisfaction.

The product must be returned with no signs of use, with all accessories and in its original packaging. (the wooden box packaging is an integral part of the product).

Jertouie considers the return of underwear highly unhygienic and considers the health of all its customers as paramount.

IMPORTANT: If Jertouie understands that the returned or exchanged product does not fit the above criteria, Jertouie will not accept the return or exchange, since the product sent back would have been damaged and lost its originality. Jertouie will then resend the same product to the customer without prior consultation, accompanied by the justification of the reason for refusal.

The garments must not be washed or show any signs of use; they must not have any odors or perfumes, nor have any stains; they must not have any alterations made by the customer such as adjustments or pence; they must not have any damage or malfunctions, or even body odors.

When the product is returned to us, we evaluate whether it meets the shipping criteria and then issue a full or partial refund depending on the items that were returned and/or chosen by the customer for return.

We refund the amounts paid using the same initial payment method chosen during the purchase process.

The customer can choose to come to the physical store to make the return. (Please contact us previously)

Contact us through our customer service channels to verify the manufacturing defect, defect or quality problems to verify the resolution, adjustment or exchange of the product. The time to analyze the part is up to 5 (five) working days when it is necessary to send the part for detailed analysis of the possible defect or malfunction.

Damages caused by misuse or poor conservation of the part are not considered defects or malfunctions, but if there is any doubt just contact one of our customer service channels.

+ e-mail:
+ WhatsApp
+ Phone: (11) 2639-9899