Body Suit Boucle Fin



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Body Suit Boucle Fin design, made with silk thread handles. The lace does not have elastane, it comes with a half-cup iron, optional with beige bust lining.

Bust Measurements:
40 (Bust 74cm to 80cm)
42 (Bust 81cm to 90cm)
44 (Bust 91cm to 100cm)
46 (Bust 101cm to 109cm)

Hip Measurements:
34 (Hip 80cm to 85cm)
36 (Hip 86cm to 90cm)
38 (Hip 91cm to 97cm)
40 (Hip 98cm to 103cm)
42 (Hip 104cm to 109cm)
44 (Hip 110cm to 112cm)
46 (Hip 113cm to 116cm)