Chemisier Delicat (Custom-made)



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Design Chemisier Délicat was inspired by the lingerie of the 50s, it is almost impossible not to think

not to think of the wonderful UPS that characterized the era. While women continued
women continued to dress more romantically, PIN UPS revolutionized the world of lingerie with
world with their extremely sexy and provocative pieces. Be it a lighter Corset
or garter belts under clothing, they became the sex-appeal symbol of every era.

Jertouie gathered what was most attractive at that time and formed the Chemisier Délicat, a mixture of provocative
of provocative corset, with worked backs that can model the waist.

The charm of the old days we cannot forget!
Jertouie bringing back the Vintage Style.

Add your measurements as indicated in the photo when placing your order.


- Bridal Lace

- Silk Yarn

- Elastane thread (back)

After payment confirmation, we will contact you by whatsapp to confirm your measurements, to get to the next stage of "PRODUCTION".  The order status will appear as "PACKED", and after it is ready it will be shipped. WE DO NOT HAVE THE READY PIECES in stock because they are made-to-measure lingerie. Depending on the quantity or item purchased, the delivery time may vary. When your order is ready, we will inform you the tracking code by e-mail.
We work up to the following measurements: bust 109cm, hips 116cm, and "A" up to 17cm*.

Production Time: 10 working days after the date of confirmation of measures.

*Measure "A" refers to the length of the vertical arc of the bust, measured from bottom to top.